NAPALM Igniter Shot 120 ml

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The legendary pre-training formula is back in a completely new version! FA XTREME NAPALM IGNITER SHOT has been enriched with a number of valuable components (including GABA, plant adaptogen extracts, B vitamins, L-theanine) which provide additional support during intensive strength and endurance training.

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The legendary pre-training formula is back in a completely new version! FA XTREME NAPALM IGNITER SHOT has been enriched with a number of valuable components (including GABA, plant adaptogen extracts, B vitamins, L-theanine) which provide additional support during intensive strength and endurance training. Thanks to the handy form of a shot ampoule, the product is easy and quick to use, and the small size of the packaging does not cause any problems with taking it with you to the gym. Optimally selected proportions of the ingredients guarantee safe and solid action - the product is recommended for amateurs and professionals who are looking for uncompromising solutions!


What are the benefits of FA XTREME NAPALM IGNITER SHOT ingredients?

  • The multicomponent formula of the product guarantees a comprehensive effect - support for exercisers on various levels - only proven and useful ingredients used in sports supplementation
  • The product has been prepared with attention to details - precisely selected proportions, high quality raw materials, liquid formula and small pack size - a handy pre-training supplement which does not require additional half-measures!
  • An economical option: each ampoule contains as much as 4 suggested servings of the supplement!
  • Beta-alanine supplementation induces an increase in carnosine content in muscles, which may result in the improvement of exercise adaptation, enhancement of some exercise parameters, support of lean muscle mass building, reduction of fatigue and maintenance of muscle pH balance[1,2,3,4,5]
  • It is believed that the use of taurine during periods of increased psychophysical activity may prove to be an important support in terms of antioxidation, performance or reduction of muscular damage[1,6,7]
  • Caffeine affects cognitive function, supports endurance, helps reduce fatigue, and is used in various sports[1,8,9,10]
  • Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and supports the maintenance of healthy bones[1,11,12]
  • L-tyrosine may be helpful for cognitive function and during endurance exercise[13,14]
  • Plant extracts of adaptogens (ashwagandha, ginkgo biloba, rhododendron, and Korean ginseng) have been found to support mood and cognitive function, and may help reduce the consequences of excessive fatigue and stress[15,16,17,18]
  • Choline and vitamin B6 affect normal homocysteine metabolism[11]
  • Niacin and vitamin B6 support normal energy metabolism, optimal nervous system function, and reduced feelings of fatigue[11]



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NAPALM. Igniter Shot. Food supplement

Serving size: ¼ Ampoule (30 ml);

Servings per container: 4

Amount in:

30 ml

90 ml


800 mg

2400 mg


500 mg

1500 mg


100 mg

300 mg


62,5 mg

187,5 mg

Choline bitartrate

62,5 mg

187,5 mg

           of which choline

25,6 mg

76,8 mg

γ -aminobutyric acid (GABA)

62,5 mg

187,5 mg


25 mg

75 mg


25 mg

75 mg

Korean ginseng root extract

25 mg

75 mg

Ashwagandha root extract

25 mg

75 mg

       of which withanolide glycosides

0,38 mg

1,14 mg

Ginkgo biloba leaves extract

20 mg

60 mg

Rhodiola rosea root extract

12,5 mg

37,5 mg

            of which polyphenols

5,6 mg

16,8 mg

            of which salidrosides

0,13 mg

0,39 mg


12,5 mg NE (78% RWS)

37,5 mg NE (234% RWS)

Vitamin B6

0,35 mg (25% RWS)

1,05 mg (75% RWS)

%NRV - Nutrient Reference Values

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