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SKULL LABS® BRAIN REAPER SHOT supplement formula is a valuable combination of pre-training components with standardized plant extracts.

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SKULL LABS BRAIN REAPER SHOT supplement formula is a valuable combination of pre-training components with standardized plant extracts. The multi-ingredient composition of the pre-trainer has been prepared in the form of a handy shot ampoule, which you can easily take with you when you train. The product contains optimally selected proportions of the ingredients used, which guarantees safe and effective support against fatigue. The supplement is available in refreshing flavours, and its liquid form guarantees fast absorption of the components contained. The formula is recommended for physically active people - beginners as well as experienced sports enthusiasts, especially in strength and endurance disciplines.


What are the benefits of SKULL LABS SKULL BRAIN REAPER SHOT ingredients?

      Beta-alanine supplementation affects carnosine synthesis and levels - it may prove to be a valuable support in the context of eliminating the feeling of fatigue, shaping lean muscle mass, improving some exercise parameters and maintaining acid-base balance[1,2,3,4,5,6]

      Citrulline can influence exercise parameters (including strength, efficiency, endurance) and support the fight against fatigue[7,8,9]

      Caffeine use is valuable for supporting cognitive function and exercise capacity during periods of increased psychophysical activity[10,11,12,13]

      L-carnitine increases carnitine levels in muscles and blood and has a positive effect on a number of other processes including detoxification, Krebs cycle and lipid metabolism[1,14,15]

      Presence of standardized plant extracts of ginger root, green tea leaves and black pepper fruits - sources of valuable active components (gingerols, polyphenols and piperine)

      Choline supports normal liver function, maintains proper homocysteine and fat metabolism[16]

      Niacin has a valuable effect on reducing feelings of fatigue and proper energy metabolism, and supports optimal functioning of the nervous system and psychological functions[16]



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SKULL LABS® Brain Reaper Shot. Food supplement / Suplement diety. Serving size / Porcja: 1/4 ampoule / ampułki (30 ml) Servings per container / Ilość porcji w opakowaniu: 4
Zawartość w / Amount per: 30 ml 120 ml
Beta-alanine / Beta-alanina 600 mg 2400 mg
Citrulline malate / Jabłczan cytruliny 250 mg 1000 mg
     of which citrulline / w tym cytrulina 167,5 mg 670 mg
L-carnitine / L-karnityna 250 mg 1000 mg
Caffeine / Kofeina 50 mg 200 mg
Glucuronolactone / Glukuronolakton 50 mg 200 mg
Choline bitartrate / Dwuwinian choliny 50 mg 200 mg
     of which choline / w tym cholina 20,5 mg 82 mg
Ginger root extract / Ekstrakt z korzenia imbiru 25 mg (1,25 mg gingerols / gingeroli) 100 mg (5 mg gingerols / gingeroli)
Green tea leaves extract / Ekstrakt z lisci zielonej herbaty 25 mg (12,5 mg polyphenols / polifenoli) 100 mg (50 mg polyphenols / polifenoli)
Black pepper fruit extract / Ekstrakt z owoców czarnego pieprzu 12,5 mg 50 mg
Niacin / Niacyna 12,5 mg (78% NRV / RWS) 50 mg (313% NRV / RWS)
% NRV / RWS - Nutrient Reference Values / Referencyjne Wartości Spożycia
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