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Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® was designed for elite athletes to provide them easily assimilated energy source stored in the body as the muscle glycogen. Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® contains patented high molecular mass carbohydrates, that have a similar structure to glycogen.

The greatest advantage of high molecular mass carbohydrates contained in Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo®is their low osmolality in comparison to other forms of carbohydrates, such as glucose, fructose, sacharose or maltodextrin, commonly used in other carbohydrate supplements. Osmolality is connected to the presence of osmotically active substances influencing fluid and nutrients transport from or to the tissue. Moreover, osmolality influences gastric emptying rate. The higher concentration of single molecules of osmotically active substances (electrolites, glucose, maltodextrins etc.), the higher osmolality. Solutions of high osmolality slow down fluid and nutrients digestion from intestines, and lower the gastric emptying rate as well. Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® provides high molecular mass carbohydrates, so the number of molecules in solution is low, therefore solution osmolality is low (tab. 2). Moreover, low osmolality of Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo®increases fluids transport from intestines to working tissues securing the proper hydration of the body.

Unique properties of high molecular mass carbohydrates contained in Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® was proven in clinical trials in Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. It was shown that high molecular mass carbohydrates found in Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® empty the stomach 80% faster1 and replenish muscle glycogen 70% faster2 compared to carbohydrate drinks based on maltodextrins and simple sugars.

Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® is additionally fortified with electrolytes to maintain proper body hydration and replenish sweat losses during the exercise.

During intensive physical activity muscular blood flow increases so more oxygen and nutrients can be delivered to working tissues. Blood is transferred to the muscles reducing gastrointestinal blood flow, which cause the decrease of intestine motility and food transport through the stomach increasing the gastrointestinal sensitivity to remaining food.

To optimize your workout or competition performance, you need stable supply of carbohydrates (main source of energy for working tissues) because muscle and liver glycogen stores are utilized even during moderate activity3,4,5.

Moreover, proper hydration of the body is a crucial factor for its performance during the workout or the competition. Even 2% loss of body weight caused by dehydration can lower performance up to 5 – 10%, while 4% loss of body weight lowers performance by 20 – 30% (!!!)6. Providing the adequate amount of fluids during the workout protects the body from dehydration and postpones the fatigue.

Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo instantly provides an easily digestible source of energy and efficiently hydrates the body lowering the risk of rapid and unexpected fatigue.

  • To meet the nutritional needs of all active people, including professional athletes, Vitarade® CL fueled by Vitargo® provides high molecular mass carbohydrates that contrary to regular carbohydrate drinks based on maltodextrins and simple sugars leave the stomach faster without the feeling of stomach fullness, heartburn etc. that occur typically during the intensive or prolonged workouts. Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® is a perfect product for anyone who has experienced stomach upsets caused by consumption of typical carbohydrate drinks during the workouts, competitions or everyday activity. Carbohydrates from Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® leave the stomach very fast, so they can be quickly absorbed from intestines into the bloodstream and used as a rapid energy source for working muscles.

  • Moreover, Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® contains only minimal amount of additional ingredients. It’s appropriate for all people with sensitive stomach who couldn’t use regular carbohydrate drinks. Now they can also feel the incredible surge of energy during the workouts or the competitions without any problems from gastrointestinal tract.

  • Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® is a source of 4 the most important electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium) responsible for maintaining proper fluid balance (hydration) of the body, neuromuscular signaling or contractibility of muscle cells. Optimal proportions of Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® allow for replenishment of fluid losses caused by sweating during intensive physical activity. Consuming Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® reduces the risk of muscle cramps allowing to train, compete or play longer at very high intensity.

  • Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® is an ideal solution for everyone with high sweating rate during activity in hot conditions or everyone who’s looking for a drink that can boost energy level and rehydrate at the same time. High molecular mass carbohydrates, low osmolality of solution and optimal ratios of electrolytes found in Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® ensure proper nutrition and hydration at the same time.

  • Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® tastes great! It’s not too sweet which is a common flaw of regular carbohydrates that discourage the user from further hydration and consumption of nutrients. Moreover, too sweet taste of typical drinks often forces you to flush it down with water. Flavours of Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® were designed for special nutritional conditions occurring during the most intense physical activity. High molecular mass carbohydrates and electrolytes delivered through consumption ofVitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® protect the body from dehydration and energy storages (glycogen) depletion.


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